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Sara Bailer shares her story and encourages others to do the same

We are our own stories and all the unique virtues that make us us. Wavemakers stand strong in their talent and professionalism, and also in their strength of person. Sara Bailer is our Client Partner and she embodies what it truly means to be a Wavemaker; here is her story:

“As a client partner at Wavemaker, creating meaningful relationships is a large component of my job, but that’s not why I’m sharing my story.

“When I was asked to share my story with the wider GroupM network, my immediate reaction was, ‘absolutely not.’  I drafted a very polite ‘thanks-but-no-thanks’ note but right before pressing send, I realized something was not sitting right: I was being a coward. I was worried about bearing my vulnerabilities to my colleagues.  Because of that fear, I realized I needed to change plans and instead of saying ‘no thank you’ I responded with ‘yes, absolutely.’

“What changed my mind? Call me an idealist, but I truly believe there is power in our differences, power in our stories, and a very special power in our vulnerabilities.  My hesitancy to share stemmed from a discomfort with vulnerability. Yet, my closest connections have happened when I bear my most vulnerable truths.

“I am sharing my story because I am different.

“I am sharing my story because I want others to feel less isolated by their differences.

“I am sharing my story because I think you should share yours.”

Connect with Sara on LinkedIn here.

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