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Finding a better way to grow in a downturn


How to adapt to falling consumer sentiment and deliver growth.

In times of uncertainty, it’s common for brands to slash marketing budgets to save the bottom line. In pressured environments, many default to short-term thinking — deprioritizing sustainability initiatives or neglecting diverse audiences from their communications. But brands that do so, do so at their peril. Previous recessions have taught us that marketing rewards those who maintain their spend, and that those who stand by their values, support vulnerable communities and invest in meaningful societal and environmental change are rewarded with exceptional growth.

On a recent Campaign US podcast, technology editor Jessica Heygate led a discussion between Dennis Potgraven, chief strategy officer at Wavemaker US; Belinda Moon, group strategy director at Wavemaker US; and Melissa Martin, VP, marketing at Church & Dwight, about how brands can grow, even in a cost of living crisis.

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