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Wavemaker Hong Kong strengthens leadership team to positively provoke growth

Milton Liao to double head Guangzhou and Hong Kong; Scotty Ho and Kenix Lai promoted to Managing Partners.

Wavemaker Hong Kong is strengthening its leadership team to positively provoke growth for this key market. The agency today announced that Milton Liao, currently VP of Wavemaker Guangzhou, will take the additional role as Head of Wavemaker Hong Kong to oversee the office’s business. Taking the new role, Milton will directly report to Jose Campon, Wavemaker China CEO, as well as Alice Chow, CEO of GroupM Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the two Managing Partners, Scotty Ho (previously Head of Strategy), and Kenix Lai (formerly Group Business Director), will directly report to Milton. Scotty and Kenix will jointly lead the culture and integration of the agency with specific responsibilities around strategy, growth and new business development with focus on international clients, and investment and operations on local clients, respectively.

In addition to continuing to partner with the Hong Kong-based clients, the agency has set a clear growth strategy helping brands in Chinese mainland and China’s Greater Bay Area for their overseas marketing communication. This management structure can best leverage the agency’s talents in both Hong Kong and Chinese mainland.

Alice Chow, CEO of GroupM Hong Kong, said, “Wavemaker Hong Kong has been transforming and evolving itself to integrating its culture, capabilities, and performance into the rest of the region, regarding several key global accounts that are hubbed in Hong Kong. The new leadership team is part of this transformation.

Milton, Scotty and Kenix are all veterans in our group. I look forward to their continuing passions and innovations to further accelerate growth across the international and local business, manifesting their distinctive edge in the Greater China Bay area.”

Alice Chow, CEO, GroupM Hong Kong

With strong records in marketing and management, Milton joined GroupM’s Maxus (merged with MEC to become Wavemaker) in 2015. He successfully managed and grew Wavemaker Guangzhou to be the most competitive agency in that area. He started his career at Leo Burnett and has also worked for companies such as Heinz Infant Nutrition, Amway and etc.

He said, “I’m so excited to work with the leadership team and amazing talents in Hong Kong, especially in this new changing era. We have started working on developing growth squads in specialist pillars that will help transform our capability and performance, like Business, Brand, Audience, Data and MarTech, E-commerce and Investment. As we rapidly evolve ourselves, we are confident in provoking growth for our clients fueled by the most comprehensive suite of capabilities, data and technologies in the industry.

We are really looking forward to seeing the work that this incredibly talented team and growth squads will deliver for our clients across the region.”

Milton Liao, Head of Wavemaker Hong Kong

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