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Wavemaker Malaysia wins Wipro Consumer Care (LDW) media business

Wavemaker Malaysia has won the media business of Wipro Consumer Care (LDW) Malaysia. The appointment, which comes after a competitive pitch includes strategy, planning, buying and content innovation.

Wipro LDW’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr Dwaraka Ayengar, said, “We are in a very exciting phase right now at Wipro LDW. We have weathered the disruption caused by Covid well and are now all set to accelerate our growth plans. We have launched a lot of new products/brands and at the same time are creating new news in our existing portfolio.” He continued:

We feel that Wavemaker with their strong capabilities in both digital and traditional media will help us to unlock the growth potential for our brands.”

Dwaraka Ayengar, Wipro LDW’s Chief Operating Officer

Wavemaker Malaysia, through its proprietary Provocative Planning methodology, showcased a strong understanding of the consumer care category dynamics and purchase journey which laid the foundation for its consumer-centric strategy, ideas and plans.

We are truly excited with this partnership as the client not only valued our integrated marketing capabilities and strategic vision, but also our passion and energy. We’re looking very much forward to thriving together in this growth journey.”

Sheley Lim, General Manager, Wavemaker Malaysia

Christine Ho, the Head of Marketing and E-commerce of Wipro LDW, said, “Wavemaker offers a powerful suite of tools to provide insights that assist in the planning of our upcoming campaigns. They were extremely clear in outlining the project and scope of work while providing a solid content marketing plan, strategy, and system that aligns with our overall media marketing goals. The similarities in terms of attitudes and values make them a good cultural fit, which is an essential ingredient to an effective relationship and to ensure the creative work we produce aligns with our brand direction. I see that as a real shift in the opportunities available.”

Since Wavemaker’s Positive Provocation positioning launch in March 2020, the agency has kept strong momentum and provoking growth for new and current clients like Audible, Danone, DoorDash, Mondelēz, Under Armour in Asia-Pacific.

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