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Wavemaker Supports Female Development with the Launch of New Internal Initiative: [email protected]


Wavemaker Supports Female Development with the Launch of New Internal Initiative: [email protected]

Camilla Bruggen from the Wavemaker Global team and Emily Fairhead-Keen from the UK, are leading the initiative, working across all parts of the business, to identify the specific areas where women need support in their careers; This has been done through a series of internal focus groups and surveys. After uncovering several themes, [email protected] will work around three pillars that will aim to Mentor, Inspire and Educate female employees across all stages of their working lives.

Wavemaker’s new body actively supports its PACED values and works with the outstanding policies already in place, including opportunities for shared parental leave.

“At Wavemaker, we believe in an inclusive culture, encouraging all our people to grow and develop to become the best version of themselves. I’m a passionate supporter of our new [email protected] initiative and look forward to the change and successes that this will encourage.” – Jason Dormieux, CEO, Wavemaker UK 

[email protected] launches today with an inspiring panel discussion on, "why there are so few female leaders and what can we all do to solve this", at the London HQ. This carefully curated panel, comprises of Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing, Formula 1, Katie Khan, author and Production Liaison at Warner Bros, Dominique Walker, Executive TV Producer & Freelancer, Felicity Stinton, CEO/Founder, DeadRight and Amelia Torode, Founder, The Fawnbrake Collective. Wavemaker states that that these inspirational sessions will be a quarterly event with the next one scheduled for June 5th.

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