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Tech Trends 2022 Through The Lens Of CES


Having evolved beyond its initial ‘Consumer Electronics Show’ namesake, CES can now claim it is the largest tech trade show ​in the world – and the internet.

While one of the biggest (and oldest – over 50 years) technology events in ​the world was set to return to its traditional in-person format, the pandemic forced a pivot to a simultaneous online and in-person offering, with 2,200 physical exhibitors across 44 tech categories, including new CES categories like space tech and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). ​Nevertheless, as they say in showbusiness, ‘the show must go on.’ And on ​it did, both in-person and online. ​

Whether you tuned in via video or walked the floors masked up and in person, this year provided a glimpse of the devices we may be using in the coming years and provided plenty of inspiration as to how the tech trends ​of the coming year may play out.

Our Today In Media: Tech Trends 2022 Through The Lens Of CES covers the emerging tech-driven trends impacting marketers this year, how we saw them come to life at CES, and what it means for marketers.

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