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This Year Next Year: Global 2021 Mid-Year-Forecast

The mid-year edition of This Year, Next Year,
GroupM’s definitive guide to global ad spend, is here.

The big story is market recovery, with worldwide ad spend growing much faster than expected, now forecast at 19% growth in 2021 vs 12% in December. Plus new predictions out to 2026 showing compound annual growth of 6.3% – making a 30% increase in worldwide spend to $1 trillion-plus.

Other hot topics include traditional TV owners betting big on Connected TV, the unstoppable rise in spend share from the top 25 media companies, ‘digital endemic’ marketers and the growth-driving expansion of Chinese business outside China. Add in a couple of watch-outs – supply chain disruptions and higher levels of market inflation with many countries yet to emerge from the pandemic – and it’s everything you need to get set for H2 and beyond.

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