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This Year Next Year: Global 2021-End-Of-Year-Forecast

The winter edition of This Year, Next Year,
GroupM’s definitive guide to global ad spend, is here.

The winter edition of This Year, Next Year from Brian Wieser, GroupM’s Head of Global intelligence, is the industry’s leading guide to global advertising spend and trends.

Highlights in this edition include:

  • New data on a global advertising industry growing much faster than we previously expected, and possibly faster than any year on record
  • New estimates on the global share of ad revenue from the world’s largest media owners
  • A review of the key sources of all of this outperformance
  • A discussion of factors which could pose risks to our forecasts
  • A comparison of media budget allocations to digital media and television for large advertisers vs. the total share of advertising generated by internet-based and television-based media owners from all marketers large and small.

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