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GroupM Point of View – Romania After Lockdown

After the lockdown’s end date on the 15th of May, things changed but did not get back to normal.

The POV is meant to be a reference point and a guide on how brands can overcome the crisis and a prediction on how the world will evolve. It can be considered a warning as well, since it analyzes data from various sources showing that the lockdown and the post-lockdown period brought and will continue to determine major changes for most brands and that from now on, the impact of actions will be disproportional.

How the situation will evolve may not be predictable, but the guide analyzes the types of change and the effects on behavior and purchasing decisions. It approaches 3 different need states: anxiety, adjustment to a new reality and re-evaluation of the previous lifestyle, each need state producing different changes.

The POV had a massive media coverage being discussed in online magazines (IQAds, Revista Biz, IAA School, Back to Business),on radio stations (Radio Guerrilla) and on various conferences (Best Marketing 2020 Conference, ESOMAR COVID19, Transformative Brunch with Google).

There are over 20 updated versions of the POV with over 400 pages. The document is being updated frequently; an Update History can be found in the last pages of the guide.

See the whole document here:

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