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Marketing after COVID. Next 12 months!

For many of us, COVID 19 pandemic is considered to be the most dramatic life event and even if it might have been preventable, the virus evolution is not.

Because the COVID 19 crisis does not follow the steps of a usual crisis, the things that are looming for the next 12 months are a mix of: anxiety, adjustment, re-evaluation.

A very important question that is rising right now is: What human tensions arise in the present context? (a need that contradicts another need or one that seems impossible to fulfill). In order to face this question with a very good marketing campaign, advertisers should Point it out, Express & Resolve it.

The conflicting feeling that many of us are experiencing right now is wrapped around: I want to go back to normal, but I cannot. This conflicting need represents a very good opportunity for brands if they decide to leverage on: Escaping Reality, Nostalgia for the Past, Building a better new normal. These tensions are faced in all life areas such as: relationships, food, health, clothes, vacations, planet, and the list is much longer.

So, in order to stand out as a brand, keep your eyes on human tensions!

This topic was discussed on ESOMAR COVID19 and the video is available on demand.

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