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Poarta Masca (Wear Mask) – A public education campaign

On Friday 3rd April 2020, due to the new COVID-19 pandemic, GroupM Romania has launched the

#PoartaMasca (translated #WearMask) campaign. Its’ purpose was to make people aware of the benefit of wearing masks whenever they go outside in order to protect themselves and their loved ones since the situation continued to worsen in Romania and all around the world.

The campaign was visible on digital channels and TV, with the help of internet publishers, radio stations, influencers and brands.

PoartaMasca was a hot topic discussed on Radio Guerrilla station, that also broadcasted the promo spot of the campaign. Airing time was also dedicated to #WearMask by and Virgin Radio.

Different notorious Romanian influencers were contacted to spread the “Wear Mask” message – Chirila Radu, Ileana Badiu and Iulia Andrei being just a few of them. Videos and pictures from the influencer communication were assets used to develop a TVC that was aired on the biggest Romanian television channels.

Clients donated part of their airtime on TV to disseminate the message of the campaign. You can see the result here.

The campaign website was built working day in day out and it contained valuable information about the importance of wearing a mask, tutorials on simple ways to create masks at home and compelling call to actions meant for users to protect themselves.

This campaign is very special for the team since everyone did their best to stand up and promote the WearMask message. Everyone put their heart and soul into this project, and we are proud to say that we think it saved many lives.

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