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South Africa

Positive Provocation

We found that not only did gaming in our market rise to 36% due to COVID-19 but 71% of gamers were using their smart phones to game in South Africa.



Wavemaker was tasked with a campaign to Increase Revenue for the Huawei App Gallery.

Our target was to achieve $70,000 from in-app purchases with a budget of $5000. We had to target new and current users to make in app purchases to the value of R500 and users would receive up to 50% back in Huawei points.


Due to Huawei’s data regulations and strict policies around 3rd party tracking. Huawei prevents its vendors from installing any form of tracking codes on their website which makes it very hard to run any sort of conversion style campaigns.

Wavemaker had to come up with a quick and effective solution around the issue. 4 months before the roll-out of this campaign we put together an effective AWO strategy that served 2 purposes:

1. Build the Huawei  fanbase in the South African market and make the brand top of mind by becoming a home for lovers of all thing tech with the shared vision of creating a safe, fun and informative space for all tech needs, online.

2. To build highly relevant audiences to drive product awareness and encourage consistent positive brand engagement.

We leveraged our insight and data* to understand where our most effective ROI would come from and took a deep dive into understanding what the top games were in south Africa. We then carefully selected a handful of mobile games that we knew consumers were willing to make in-app purchases on and used those to drive our campaign


By building out specific monthly content plans that focused on the 5 main pillars of HMS (gaming, music, cloud, themes, AppGallery) and consistently posting and engaging with users on our online platforms we were able to  leverage the data off of every pillar and retarget users while building highly targeted audiences to drive conversion.

We used the data and learnings from our previous gaming campaigns to optimise and implement a highly effective campaign only using platforms and games that we knew would drive the best ROI for the client.

We took the learning from a platform usage point of view and combined it with highly targeted audiences we had built over the 4-month period from our AWO strategy.


The results were outstanding:

  • $120 ROI per $1 spent
  • 741% Above the target KPI
  • $600,000+ In-App Revenue
  • $345,000+ In Net Revenue
ROI per $1 spent
overachievement of our KPI's

These are outstanding results! This is a result of brilliant media strategy and ensuring that all resources were used to drive the message to our users. Well done team!

Rae Hargreavse, Digital Marketing Manager, Huawei Mobile Services

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