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Summer of Monate




South Africa

Positive Provocation

Telkom knows you’ve had a tough couple of months, and that this year is like no other.One thing you can be sure of is that no matter the challenges, South Africans from all walks of life will rise to meet the challenge.As this year starts to draw to a close, let us remind ourselves of the joy, humour, courage and goodwill that makes us such a unique nation and that will propel us to overcome any odds.This Summer lets celebrate the “feel-good” moments from the everyday to the extraordinary. Live your Monate ! 


Telkom had just appointed Wavemaker as their new media agency, and along with onboarding, we were also tasked with launching their biggest campaign in two years – all within a period of four weeks.

We knew that advertising clutter would be at its peak due to the dismal Q1-Q3 category performance, and that cut-through would be the key deliverable.


We needed to reach and engage with consumers who were highly stressed, and deliver the key Summer messaging

Our idea was to weave the campaign around feel-good moments by creating and celebrating consumers living their MONATE Summer through content creation, as well as tactical placements in key channels.

These included innovative in-game blended placements, Strategic DOOH and tactical TV placements as well as Sponsored playlists on Spotify and fun Snapchat lenses.


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Leveraging our category knowledge, media owner relationships and using our Provocative Planning approach and toolkit  helped us deliver on the tight deadlines

Team onboarding and digital onboarding was completed in a two week period thanks to the dedication of the client and agency teams.

Summer Strategy was developed and presented in 4 days and approved with minimal changes at first presentation.

Summer plans were produced in a record 5 days thanks to teams working around the clock with media owners and key partners to deliver on the strategy.

Plans were approved swiftly and collaboration with the creative agencies was accelerated to deliver the campaign to market on time.


The Telkom Summer 2020 campaign launched on time across all touchpoints delivering a seamless 360 Brand campaign

The integrated approach enhanced digital performance and Telkom saw a 49% increase in online leads, and their CPA decreased by 64%. 

increase in online leads
decrease in CPA

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